How do I get a stall at Maker’s Factory Norwich?

We had originally planned to hold our first market in May 2020 but this was postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Stallholders who were confirmed to attend our May market will be guaranteed a place at the August market. We are waiting to see if our August 2020 market can go ahead so please check back soon and follow us on Instagram (/makersfactorynorwich) for further updates. You can apply for our virtual market on June 6th 2020 by clicking here. The information on the rest of this page related to our in-person markets that we hope to hold very soon.

What makes Maker’s Factory Norwich different from other markets around Norwich?

Having participated in many markets between us, we have both built up a clear idea of what we feel works and what maybe doesn’t work so well. We want to take all these ideas and give you the best stall holder experience we can. We want you to feel like you are a big part of Maker’s Factory Norwich because you are!


Neither myself nor Carol will have a stall at our August market. We will be on hand all day to help you unload, say hello and give you your creators lanyard to distinguish you on the day. Further details about what we’ll be doing for you on the day, as well as details about refreshments and parking, for example, will be sent out to successful applicants prior to the market.


There are some wonderful creative markets around Norwich and we hope to run alongside them. Norfolk is overflowing with so much talent and we hope to be a part of showing that to the world.

What kind of stall holders are we looking for?

We love local! We are looking for the majority stall holders to have their business based in Norfolk but we would not exclude any businesses that really caught our eye from further afield. We are looking for quality, handmade creative stall holders who have a strong sense of branding and share our passion for shopping local.


We will be looking for a wide variety of different types of creators and we would like our markets to be a showcase for local talent, of which Norfolk has plenty! We also feel strongly about new makers ‘getting their foot in the door’ so we will have two stalls at our first market with a 25% stall fee discount for first time stall holders.

How much will a stall cost?

A 6 foot table at our August 2020 market will cost £35. A table and a chair will be provided by Blackfriar’s Hall. We would encourage you to bring a tablecloth for your stall. Please specify in your application if you require power and/or any specific requirements.

Are you planning to have food and drink vendors?

As Blackfriar’s Hall is right in the city centre of Norwich with many food and drink vendors nearby outside the Halls, we will not be looking for food and drink vendors for this August 2020 market. This may change in the future though!

Can I share a market stall with another trader?

Yes! We are happy for two stall holders to share a table at our markets. Both applicants will need to apply separately and specify clearly the name of the business they are looking to share a table with. Both parties will need to have valid public liability insurance.

What if my application is unsuccessful?

If you are unsuccessful when applying for our first market, please do not be disheartened. We both know what it feels like to receive that email about an unsuccessful application and it’s not a nice feeling.


However, please do not let that discourage you from applying again in the future! It may be that we just had too many people with the same type of creations at this market. Please understand that it will not be possible to give specific feedback for unsuccessful applications. We very much hope you would consider applying again in the future.

How will the market be advertised?

Although this is our first market, we’ve got a clear strategy for how to get the word out there about Maker’s Factory Norwich. We are very lucky that Carol has many successful years in marketing under her belt which will be put to good use. We both plan to use social media to publicise and promote as much as possible.


There will be a paid marketing campaign around Norwich and we have both built up lots of connections through our own businesses around Norwich and in the local press. We are hoping to have articles in local magazines and newspapers both in print and online in the run up to the market.


A big part of any market is the stall holders shouting about us far and wide too! We will be providing you with promotional materials if you are successful in the hope that you are able to spread the message and make our May market a success for everyone.

Do I need public liability insurance to trade at Maker’s Factory Norwich?

Yes. You need valid public liability insurance to have a stall at Maker’s Factory Norwich. We will ask to see a copy of this if your application is successful.

Will you be running any future Maker’s Factory Norwich events?

We hope so! If our first market is a success (we are putting every effort into ensuring it will be) then we hope to run future markets in Norwich. Follow us on Instagram for updates and future markets!


Thank you for reading our FAQs. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us on makersfactorynorwich@hotmail.com or contact us via social media. Best of luck with your application, we hope to see you soon!

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